2022 Team Captains & Opening Ceremonies

Todd & Tammy Walker are your 2022 Fearless MSC Senior Camp Directors! Your Campers will be under the fun and close supervision of the following Team Captains this week:

Team Red: Luke & Kelsey Broderick

Team Orange: Luke & Paige Capps

Team Lime: Ethan & Jessica Wildman

Team Green: Billy & Cara Munger

Team Hunter: Aaron & Brooke Sandy

Team Blue: Gabriel & Sam Goen

Team Navy: Scott & Bre Armstrong

Team Purple: John & Sonya McCauley

Team Gold: Nick & Katie Paden

Team Pink: Craig & Ronna Howell

See below for some additional links to the MSC Youtube Page for videos that are too large to share here

Singing:   https://youtube.com/shorts/ktchpsTm_Pw
Opening ceremony part 1: https://youtube.com/shorts/4sJvOOcB5pg
Opening ceremony part2: https://youtube.com/shorts/AGnXcwhB4h8
Opening ceremony part3: https://youtube.com/shorts/C-Ikh7FCd0E