And the Tug of War Champion Is…

With the entire campground gathered on the lower sports field after breakfast this morning, yesterday’s top 5 tug of war teams competed in the Tug of War Championship Tournament. First off, the Lime team out-pulled the Silver team. Next, Purple went on to beat the Orange team. Lime then pulled against the Gold team, and Gold outlasted Lime. In the final pull between Purple and Gold, the Purple team was crowned the Tug of War Champion.

Here are the final rankings for tug of war:
1. Purple
2. Gold
3. Lime
4. Orange & Silver
6. Blue, Green, Hunter, Navy & Red

Following the championship, the male staff members beat Group 3 boys in an exhibition match, followed by the female staff members beating the Group 3 girls. In the final exhibition match of the day, Cabin 10 boys/staff were victorious over Cabin 8 boys/staff.

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