And the Winners Are…

Well, MSC 2015 Sr. Week has drawn to a close!  🙁  With 204 campers, this is the largest Sr. Week MSC has had since prior to the creation of Jr. Week (which is for campers aged 8-11). The awards have been handed out and the goodbyes have been said.  Everyone is leaving Shakamak with tons of wonderful memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. We are already planning for next year’s Sr. Week, which will take place July 4-9, 2016, so mark your calendars.

And now, we’ve all been waiting for the team rankings.  And the winners are:

1.  Purple — 19,850 pts

2.  Red — 19,400 pts

3.  Orange — 19,000 (winner of canoeing)

4.  Gold — 18,646 (winner of volleyball & softball/kickball)

5.  Navy — 18,551 (winner of ultimate Frisbee)

6.  Green — 18,550 (winner of lip sync & tug-of-war)

7.  Blue — 17,176

8.  Silver — 16,598

9.  Lime — 15,967 (winner of team craft)

10.  Hunter — 15,743


Male Camper of the Year:  Kasha Wilder

Female Camper of the Year:  Savannah Harris

Rookie Camper of the Year:  Cassity King

Director’s Award: Vincent Landfair

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