And the Winners Are…

After a great week together making new friends, Bible studies, singing, and competing in various sports and activities, the final team standings are in.  And the MSC 2017 Sr. Week winners are:

  1. Blue — 1st Place in Softball, Soccer & Tug-of-War
  2. Green — 1st Place in Ultimate Frisbee & 2nd Place in Obstacle Course
  3. Gold — 1st Place in Obstacle Course & Air Raid and 2nd Place in Canoeing
  4. Silver — 1st Place in Team Craft & 3rd Place in Obstacle Course
  5. Orange — 2nd Place in Tug-of-War & Ultimate Frisbee
  6. Purple — 1st Place in Wiffle Hockey & 2nd Place in Volleyball
  7. Red — 1st Place in Lip Sync & Giant Jenga
  8. Lime — 1st Place in Volleyball & Projectile Avoidance
  9. Pink — 1st Place in Canoeing & 3rd Place in Kickball
  10. Hunter — 1st Place in Kickball & 2nd Place in Soccer


Rookie of the Year:  Jamie Lautenschlager

Female Camper of the Year:  Olivia Stout

Male Camper of the Year: Logan Grim


Congratulations to all the campers.  We look forward to seeing you all at MSC 2018!

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