And the Winners Are…

Well, a FANTASTIC MSC Sr. Week has come to a close. Although we had to endure some torrential downpours the first couple of days of the week, all the campers were very excited for the resulting mud and a great time was had by all. We had an excellent series of lessons surrounding our theme of “Impossible is Nothing.”  The singing was out of this world. Numerous new friendships were established. A plethora of memories were made.

Team rankings are in and the winners are (INSERT DRUM ROLL HERE):

1. Lime (Corey & Meagan Willis)

2. Hunter (Lee & Leslie McGaughey)

3. Blue (David & Jessica McGaughey)

4. Purple (Todd & Tammy Walker)

5. Green (Shannon & Dana Shaffer)

6. Red (David & Katie Mathis)

7. Tie between Orange (Craig & Ronna Howell) and Silver (Rick & Christine Knight)

9. Gold (Brad & Rhonda Hawk)

10. Navy (Eric & Sarah Mizell)

Male Camper of the Year: Nick Hall

Female Camper of the Year: Alexa Dispennett

Rookie of the Year: Aaron Sandy

Reaching Higher Award: Hannah Woodson

On Eagles Wings Kelsey Wynne Harris Memorial Award: Michaela Schoolcraft

Thanks to EVERYONE for a GREAT MSC Sr. Week 2013!!!!!!!

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