Born to Hope

Nick Hall led the morning Bible study  for all 3 groups and opened in I Pet 1 3-4.  We talked about what it means to be born again.   Unless you are born again, born of water you are simply without hope.
If we want to have a living hope, we will only find that in Christ Jesus – By putting him on in Baptism.
What is a hopeless cause?  It is pointless, hopeless, in vain – There is no chance of attaining it. This is a terrible place to find yourself – If we want to find hope, we must Live in Christ.
I Pet 1: 3-10 & 18-19
Our hope is:
Purchased – It was bought with the blood of Christ.  Christ owns us – He created us. Do NOT sell your souls for less than what its worth. It’s Priceless!
Guarded – Our hope is guarded by God.  Our salvation is guarded by God and there is nothing more powerful than God.
Tested – Rejoice in our trials knowing that they will make us stronger.
Expiring – Your hope is going to one day expire, but your hope will then be realized.  The troubles and trials will soon be over and we will then receive the outcome of our faith.
Titus 2:11-15  If we are born again to hope, we should be renouncing the temptations of this life.  Heaven is the realization of our hope.  Be zealous to do good – to live a life that God has called you to live.

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