BREAKING NEWS: Cleaning Epidemic Sweeps through MSC Sr. Week

MSC has always been interested in cleanliness when it comes to the Shakamak cabins, but this year, a true epidemic is sweeping through MSC Sr. Week. The cleanliness requirements have stiffened and all cabins will receive a Pass or Fail upon post-breakfast cabin check. The tradition of the Golden Dustpan award to recognize the cleanest girls cabin and the cleanest boys cabin continues, and the first recipients were the Cabin #3 girls and the Cabin #2 boys, who are proudly displaying their trophy for the next 24 hours.

Believe it or not, this epidemic has reached monumental proportions as Cabin #10, the Last Year Camper boys cabin, has even been bitten by the cleaning bug. Watch the following to see Cabin #10’s efforts, and to see their results from the week’s first cabin check…


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