This year, Craft Lady Julie Essary and helpers Vinny Price and Melodie Dorn orchestrated some exciting crafts for all the campers. First of all, the team craft was to design a miniature golf course hole which was used during free time on Thursday morning. Each team was given the following supplies to complete this task: cardboard, two rolls of duct tape, 4 swimming pool noodles, 1 can of spray paint (their team color), and two bricks. The teams were EXTREMELY creative and the team crafts placed in the following order:

1. Orange

2. Blue

3. Lime

4. Hunter

5. Green

6. Silver

7. Purple

8. Red

9. Navy

10. Gold

This year’s individual craft was an 8×10 puzzle which each camper was instructed to paint. MSC has some seriously creative campers and the individual team craft standings are:

1. Orange

2. Hunter

3. Purple

4. Silver

5. Navy

6. Red

7. Gold

8. Blue

9. Lime

10. Green

MEN_6285 MEN_6287 IMG_0553 IMG_0558

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