Day 1 Afternoon Activities!

Camp was in full swing after our yummy hotdog and mac’n’cheese lunch. Campers rotated through 5 different activities with their teams: ultimate frisbee, volleyball, knockout, team craft work time, and lip sync practice (performance on Friday!) This year’s lip sync theme is MSC at the Movies and both our songs and the decorations in the craft hall are going all out!


Campers, as always, were excited to shower after their long afternoon and came back to dinner all cleaned up. After our meal, campers had their first bible study of the week from guest Mark Newton.

Mark told campers that they have to put off the old self, and put on the new self (Ephesians 4:22).

“You cannot just ‘look’ at Jesus. We need to see Him and change ourselves to be more like Him”

Mark Newton

Mark’s message leaves us with great thoughts for the rest of the week! We look forward to continuing to learn from our theme: His Image is Everything.

Campers ended the evening with our staff “Talentless Show” featuring acts from our compadres, the famous Nick Paden lip sync (complete with real rain), and a finish the song competition!

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