Disc Golf Results

During the morning, campers rotated between Bible class, crafts, and disc golf. The 6-hole disc golf course spanned across both the upper and lower sports fields and gave the campers a serious workout. Each team competed in its three age groups. The event was scored based on the number of strokes and the total time to complete the course. When it comes to disc golf, less is more–the goal is the least number of strokes in the least amount of time.

And the cumulative results are:

Hunter — 136 strokes in 12:48

Navy — 135 strokes in 13:42

Orange — 132 strokes in 14:33

Blue — 126 strokes in 14:34

Gold — 137 strokes in 13:49

Green — 141 strokes in 14:19

Lime — 142 strokes in 14:29

Purple — 137 strokes in 15:36

Silver — 140 strokes in 15:29

Red — 162 strokes in 18:40


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