Friday Morning Bible Study

Jerome Sasanecki led our Morning Bible study on “Born to be Fearless”.
Jerome Sasanecki – Morning Bible Study, July 5th
Born to be Fearless:
Fear is an emotion – the most primal of all human emotions. What is the first thing you do when you enter the world? You cry, you shed tears…tears of fright – tears of fear.
You are not born into this world as fearless – You are born into a good world that’s going bad.
The most frequent command in the Bible – Don’t be afraid! Fear not – Not because there’s nothing to be afraid of, but because we know God is with us. God has overcome the world.
Rev 12 – Once the Devil realized he was defeated by Jesus, he turned his attention to you and me. Why does Satan use fear and doubt against us today? He seeks to control God’s people by fear.
How do you overcome fear? Psalm 3
*Clarify our fear to the Lord
*Compare our fears to the Lord – The Lord is our protection, our Glory, our Joy & The Answers our Prayers.
*Condemn our Fears in the Lord
*Credit Our Salvation to the Lord

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