Friday Morning Flag Pole

Levi Hawk delivered the following Friday Morning Flag Pole talk on “Team”.

At the Height of the Cold War, The Russians were sending things into Space.
During this time, the USA had a Men’s Hockey team consisting of 22 year old College kids skating for them, while the USSR had a team of professional Hockey Players.
This team of College kids beat the USSR which later became known as the Miracle on Ice.

Numbers 13 & 14 tells the story of 12 spies sent to scout out the land of Canaan. Upon their return, 10 spies reported it was impossible to take this land. Joshua & Caleb demonstrated faith despite the odds and were rewarded for their actions and loyalty.

Gideon’s army is reduced to less than 300 in Judges 7 and they fight thousands to gain the victory because of their faith in the Lord.

There are tough trials ahead of each of us. . The devil is our USSR, It is us verses the devil/world. Looking around this morning, you have your own small army here. An Army who is ready to stand and fight with you.

The last day of competition for 2021 MSC Senior camp is a huge day – Below are some of the activities your Campers are sure to enjoy!


  • Breakfast: Biscuits & Gravy, Sausage links, Bacon, Fruit & Cereal.
  • Lunch: Grilled Chicken., Augraten Potatoes, Salad Bar & Dirt Desert
  • Dinner: Left Overs from the week – It was so good the first time, we can’t wait fro round 2!!


  • Bible Study
  • Giant Jenga
  • Lip Sync Practice
  • Find your Shoe
  • Kickball
  • Waffle Hockey
  • Tug O’ War
  • Lip Sync Contest

Thursday Sports Update:

  • The top 5 team finishes for “Shoot Something With Something” are: Purple, Silver, Orange, Lime & Blue
  • The top 5 team finishes for Softball are: Orange, Gold, Red, Blue & 3 way tie between Green, Purple & Lime
  • The top 5 team finishes for Deal or No Deal are: Red, Green, Orange, Hunter & Navy
  • The top 5 team finishes for The Canoe Heats are: Navy, Orange, Lime, Hunter & Gold
  • The top 5 team finishes for Projectile Avoidance are: Gold, Silver, Orange, Lime & Green
  • The top 5 team finishes for Team Crafts are: Orange, Lime, Gold, Hunter & Green
  • The top Craft finishes Per Group are: Group (I) Hunter, Red, Blue, Lime & Green (II) Lime, Silver, Red, Green & Hunter (III) Red, Hunter, Lime, Orange & Blue