Frogs Are Cool, But Captain Todd Is Not ;-)

There is one song in particular that has swept through MSC 2017 Sr. Week, and it’s about frogs, and our beloved Director Todd Hall. First Year Camper Isaac Dispennett became an instant rock star when he performed “Frogs” during the MSC Talent Show, followed up with a modified version simply called “Todd.” Well, “Todd” has taken camp by storm, being performed again at breakfast Thursday, as well as during intermission of last night’s Lip Sync competition. From this song, a brand new superhero has been born: Captain Todd.  Unfortunately, according to Isaac, Captain Todd is “NOT cool!”

Well, enough talk about “Frogs” and “Todd,” so here’s video from last night’s performance when a larger than life Captain Todd banner was unveiled, much to the surprise of Todd Hall (it has now taken up permanent residence hanging in the mess hall)…

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