Goodnight from MSC Sr. Week, Day 2

Before retiring for the evening, we’d like to reflect on Day 2 of MSC Sr. Week. Although we got some rain overnight last night, as the day progressed, we heard more news from the Indianapolis area of severe storms, wind damage, and power outages, but we were very fortunate at Shakamak to have missed the storms. We had a perfectly BEAUTIFUL day with temperatures topping out in the high 80’s, but with much less humidity than yesterday.

We started the morning with rotations between Bible class, the water balloon launch, and crafts. Following lunch, the softball field was used for kickball, we had one more day of volleyball, teams went to Lake Shakamak for the first day of canoe practice in anticipation of the canoe heats on Thursday, and crafts and lip synch practice continued for each team.

During lunch today, the coveted “Golden Dustpan Awards” were handed out to the cleanest girl cabin and cleanest boy cabin. Girls Cabin #5 and Boys Cabin #2 won the award and will each get to proudly display their dustpan in their cabin for the next 24 hours. Following the announcement of the cleanest cabins, the dirtiest cabins of the day were announced as Girls Cabin #11 and Boys Cabin #10–they were each “awarded” the opportunity to scrub the women’s and men’s restrooms respectively in the Mess Hall. We’ll see if Cabins #11 and #10 tidy up a little more tomorrow!

During supper tonight, the compadres awarded their very first Paper Plate Award — Katie Guinn received the “Hydration Queen” award for giving every member of her opposing team a cup of water during kickball. Way to go, Katie!

Although it wasn’t officially announced today, today’s Sportsmanship Award goes to Team Silver, led by captains Corey & Meagan Willis, for their team spirit and good sportsmanship toward their opponents all day!

Following dinner, we had our Tuesday evening worship service, which began with a song service led by Cabin 10 boys, followed by a lesson by guest speaker Neil Tremblett. After worship, prior to heading to the cabins for a long-awaited night of sleep, the day was ended with another fantastic singing outside on the lower sports field.

We look forward to another great day at MSC tomorrow, but for now, we wish you a peaceful and restful goodnight from Shakamak State Park on Tuesday, July 1.

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