Goodnight from MSC – Tuesday, July 5

As Tuesday, July 5 draws to a close, the second day of MSC 2016 is now history, but deemed another huge success. Temperatures were in the mid-80’s throughout the day with NOT A DROP OF RAIN TODAY!!!!!

Following breakfast and cabin cleanup, Group 1, 2, and 3 campers were separated and rotated among the following activities: individual craft (decorating Mason jar candle holders), Water Balloon Launch, song leading practice hosted by Derek Gould for any boys who were interested in learning more about song leading, and Bible class taught by Lime team captain Lee McGaughey.

Following our grilled hamburgers lunch, all teams rotated between the following activities: Ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, canoe practice, Lip Sync practice, and team time.

After dinner this evening, the compadres and canoeologist Shannon Shaffer awarded the following Paper Plate Awards:

  • MSC Smallest Camper — Amelia Kelley
  • Best Michael Jordan Impersonator (for sticking her tongue out after every good sports move) — Lyla Barr
  • New Canoe Flip Award (for being the first pair to flip one of MSC’s brand new canoes in Lake Shakamak) — Maggie Dickey & Adam Haub
  • Flat Face Award (for taking a Frisbee in the face during Ultimate Frisbee) — Jenna Walker
  • MSC Miss Sports Queen 2016 (for playing every sport with grace and style) — Ellie Walker

Following tonight’s pulled pork and mac ‘n cheese dinner, we had our midweek Bible study, led by MSC alumni Grant Smith. Our song service was organized by Derek Gould and led by Logan Grim, J.T. Hall, Caleb Jones, and Kollin Sokeland.

After Bible study, Group 1 campers were excused to their cabins for devotions prior to bedtime, while Group 2 & 3 campers sang hymns on the lower sports field prior to nightly devotions and turning in at the end of another great day at MSC.

As we turn the lights out tonight, bringing MSC Sr. Week Day 2 to a close, may we always remember just how blessed and joyful our lives truly are!

Below is a photo recap of our day here at Shakamak. Good night from MSC!


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