Greg King leads Wednesday Morning Bible Study

Greg King joined us this morning to lead our Bible Study.  The Study focused on John 13:1-17 and a brief outline of that discussion is listed below:

Jesus loved his disciples to the point of serving them. He knew that his time on this side of this eternity was about to come to an end and yet he turns to the needs of Others.  If you knew that you would soon die, What would your reaction be?


-Spend time with Loved ones?

Jesus turned to serving the disciples. He was a servant.  The act of washing feet was normally reserved for the lowliest of servants in the house and yet Jesus lowered himself to the point of full submission.

Peter doesn’t want Jesus to wash his feet but Jesus reminds him that unless they allowed him to do this act of servitude, they would have no part in him.

Jesus washed the feet of Judas knowing that he was about to betray him!

Why did he do these things? What was the point? Simply because he loved us!

If we had the power that Jesus today what would we do with it?  Would we use it to become wealthy or famous?

*Jesus had the power over food and what did he do with it? Fed the 5,000

*Jesus had the power over life and what did he do with it? Laid his down for us

*Jesus had the power over disease and what did he do with it? Healed others.

In order to fully understand Jesus, we must understand service and what it means to be a servant. We should serve because we love Jesus & God.

The example of Jesus should be what motivates us to serve others.  Jesus humbled himself to the point of death…even dying on the cross.

Jesus left Heaven because he Loved us.  Do we deserve this love? Certainly not, but Jesus gives it Freely asking nothing in return other than for us to follow his example and submit to his will.

What does Jesus do for us now? He is our friend and our advocate.  He continues to bless us abundantly.

Did Jesus suffer? Face temptation? Experience Betrayal? Yes – Why? Again, because he loves us.

Remember who you are, what’s been done for you and where you’re going!


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