Last year camper speeches

Tonight is the night. Last year campers are getting the proper send off — speaking near the campfire to the other campers about their camp experiences.

It is truly amazing to see how vastly different people have such similar accounts of what camp has meant to them. Everyone has funny stories, a lot of tears, and the admonition to those younger than them that camp needs to be appreciated while it is still available to them. Everyone discusses the deeply important relationships they have developed, the support system they get while here, and how MSC has made such an important impact on their lives, from experience that spans two years or more than 10.

The group two campers were just told to go to bed, and there is a giant circle of kids waiting to embrace this years’s last year campers. I think it’s safe to say that the community that camp has worked to make year after year has continued to flourish and grow.

Tonight is the last night of camp. Tomorrow is clean up and awards. Hopefully we’ll see you here to celebrate the week with us!

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