More fun in the Mud & 2022 Talent Show

Some people pay big bucks for the kind of Mud Pack Masks your campers received for free yesterday! #mscsrweek 2022 continues to be a mixed bag of weather ranging from scorching heat to downpour raining with thunder and lightning, but guess what? We’re at camp and everything is better when at camp. I hope those parents and friends reading this have heavy duty Washer and Dryers at home…You’re going to need them on Saturday when these muddy camp clothes leave MSC and hit your Laundry Room Floor.

2022 MSC Talent Show – We had a long list of campers who brought their talents to the big stage last night and lasted until the early morning hours. We saw Singing acts, Lip Sych acts, Beat Boxing, Friendly Roasts from cabin 11 Girls to Cabin 10 boys, Jokes, Blind Taste Tests, Compadre Skits about Aliens and more. Your campers are special in so many ways and the talent on display last night proved that once again.