MSC 2015 Talent Show

Tonight after dinner, everyone at MSC witnessed one of THE BEST talent shows we’ve had in YEARS!!!!!  We had talent ranging from singing, to comedy, to instrument solos, to poetry, and on and on.  The Last Year Campers’ grand finale of Glow Stick Man “Kung Fu Fighting” routine was quite possibly the greatest Last Year Camper skit MSC has ever seen!

Here’s the talent:

  • Thomas Wilson — improv drumming
  • Levi Hawk — “Top 10 Reasons to Come to MSC” comedy routine
  • Scott Shaffer — sang “The Subway Song”
  • Katie Guinn — recited original poetry: “The Singing Stream,” “Paradise,” and “Up Above”
  • Compadres — “If I Weren’t a Compadre” song/skit
  • Audrey Fennell — sang a capella version of “(Somewhere) Over the Rainbow”
  • Greg & Shelby King — sang duet of “The Camp That Built Me” accompanied by Shelby on guitar
  • Kaleb Hopper — played clarinet solo
  • Corbin Mann & Corey Willis — Corbin sang “Yesterday” accompanied by Corey on guitar
  • Madeline & Clara Fennell — sang “Star Wars: John Williams Is the Man”
  • Logan Grimm — sang and played guitar on “I’ll Be There for You” and “We Belong Together”
  • Ryan Walker & Scott Shaffer — belch-off
  • Kasha Wilder & Cabin 2 Boys — Ninja King Game
  • Emma Maudlin & Piper Bacon — sang duet of “Falling Slowly” accompanied by Emma on piano and Piper on guitar
  • Logan Barker — sang a capella version of “Happy”
  • Savannah Harris, Rebecca Hendricks, Amanda Butler & Lydia Wilson — sang “You Are My Sunshine” to camper Simon Pierce
  • Madeline Fennell — rapped and sang “Don’t Wanna Waste My Life”
  • Jenna Maudlin — sang “Jar of Hearts”
  • Raegan & Avery McPherson — sang duet of “Love” accompanied by Raegan on guitar
  • Compadres — fed camper Jonah Bronger a homemade chocolate milkshake
  • Last Year Campers — Glow Stick Man “Kung Fu Fighting”
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