MSC SportsCenter: Day 1

Today was a busy day on the sports fields, during both the sunshine and the rain.  All ten teams played one game of softball and one pairing for volleyball, all with an exciting element of MUD!!!  Each softball match began with a traditional inning played with a softball and bat, while the second inning involved the use of a tennis racket and tennis ball. Each volleyball match included two 15 point games, and one 21 point game.

Here are the softball scores:

Red (17) vs. Purple (7)

Lime (17) vs. Blue (12)

Gold (16) vs. Green (11)

Orange (14) vs. Navy (11)

Hunter (11) vs. Silver (11)


And here are the cumulative volleyball scores:

Navy (51) vs. Hunter (31)

Blue (49) vs. Red (40)

Gold (48) vs. Orange (41)

Silver (46) vs. Lime (33)

Green (45) vs. Purple (43)


Here’s our highlight reel from today’s sports for your viewing pleasure:

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