MSC “Talentless” Night

Following Monday night’s Bible study, the longstanding tradition of the staff MSC “Talentless” Night continued as team captains and fellow staff took to the stage of the rec hall to entertain the campers. Just prior to the beginning of the show, staff was scattered and sitting among the campers when all of a sudden the music began blaring and staff jumped to their feet to perform a flash mob. Come to find out, the remainder of the week, whenever the same music is played over the loud speaker, wherever everyone is at the time, they are to stop what they are doing and perform the flash mob, even if they are in mid-swing on the softball field.

When the flash mob was completed (to thunderous applause from the campers), the compadres hit the stage and performed a skit as if they had stumbled upon videographer Brandon Clark’s unattended personal Facebook page, so they proceeded to read through his profile to learn some “juicy,” but harmless details about Brandon’s life. At the conclusion, still “distraught” over not winning Camper of the Year during his last year nearly a decade ago, co-director Susan Hall awarded Brandon his very own trophy for Videographer of the Decade. Brandon was overcome with joy and couldn’t contain his tears of excitement, joy, and relief.

The entire staff was then invited to join the stage where purple team captain Todd Walker hosted the “Rock, Paper, Scissors Championship of the World” competition. The competition was stiff, and after several hilarious rounds, lime team captain Meagan Willis was crowned the winner.

And saving the best for last, with the female team captain’s help holding a blue tarp to simulate the ocean, the male team captains performed their best synchronized swimming routine to the tune of “Under the Sea,” all under the choreography of orange team captain Craig Howell.

The campers got what they paid for this evening as they learned that when it comes to entertainment, their team captains and staff are hilariously “talentless.”


Co-director Todd Hall and Craig Howell face off in the “Rock, Paper, Scissors Championship of the World”


Team Captains try their hand at synchronized swimming “Under the Sea.”

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