MSC Talentless Show 2016

After tonight’s study, all campers and staff converged on the Rec Hall for the MSC Talentless Show 2016. With the intent to show the campers how “little” talent the staff truly has when it comes to entertainment, this show was full of humor and a heaping helping of true belly laughs.  After compadres Nick Paden, Katie Hall, Nick Hall, Laura McGaughey, Brooke Howell, Aaron Sandy, and Stephen Harris were introduced, the true fun began:

  1. Green team captain David McGaughey explained how it’s a 4th of July tradition for the Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest, so he hosted MSC’s very own eating contest, with a sour twist. The first-ever MSC Lemon Eating Contest pitted staffers Shawn Carpenter, Julie Essary, Brad Hawk, Greg King, Jessica McGaughey, Lee McGaughey, Leslie McGaughey, Michael Stout, and Karie Walker against one another, with Brad taking home the lemon trophy
  2. Silver team captain Jessica Wildman hosted MSC’s very own version of Mad Gab with Shawn Carpenter and Rhonda Hawk paired up with Derek Gould, while David Mathis and David McGaughey paired up with Ethan Wildman.  Jessica gave Derek and Ethan random phrases to get their teammates to guess, with the twist of mouth suppressors impeding their speech.  After several side-splitting rounds, Shawn, Rhonda, and Derek squeaked out a win.
  3. The evening turned serious (wink, wink) as Purple team captain Corey Willis and Sports Director Greg King sang along with Corey’s guitar accompaniment: “Songs for When You Run Out of Toilet Paper.”
  4. The security team, comprised of Rick & Christine Knight and Ken & Janet Evans, performed a little glow-in-the-dark action as they converted “Ghostbusters” into “Who Ya Gonna Call, Sa-car-ity.”
  5. Lime team captains Lee & Leslie McGaughey called all the staff on stage to help explain to the campers how the MSC staff is one big happy family — Directors Todd & Susan Hall have a daughter Katie, not to be confused with Katie Mathis, daughter of former directors Mark & Rita Newton. Katie has a brother Nick Hall, not to be confused with Nick Paden (whom Katie Hall is engaged to), son of Eddie & Deana Paden, Deana being cousins with Sarah Mizell, who is married to Eric Mizell, who is cousin to Ronna Howell and Todd & Sean Walker, and so on and so forth.  Before the MSC family tree description was complete, it was finally realized that Corey & Meagan Willis are related to no one, for which they were overly jubilant!
  6. And to wrap up the Talentless Show, Navy team captain Craig Howell auctioned off the group 3 girls to eligible compadre bachelor Stephen Harris, with Paige Hawk placing the winning bid of $14 for a date with Stephen consisting of monster cookies in the mess hall, of course with a chaperone.

By the end of the evening, everyone had had a really great time, but the entire evening proved the title of the show, that the MSC staff truly is “talentless”!!!  😉

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