Staff Entertains Campers at “MSC Talentless Show”

When it comes to talent, we know that our campers are busting at the seams with talent (as we expect to be evident at tomorrow night’s talent show), but when it comes to our staff, not so much.  That was evident this evening at the annual “MSC Talentless Show.” Several staff members put their pride aside and took to the stage in hopes of entertaining the campers at least a little.

Our lineup was as follows:

  • Silver Team Captain Craig Howell auctioned off Compadre Mucho Importante Stephen Harris
  • Gold Team Captains Ethan & Jessica Wildman and song leader Derek Gould played a game where new staff members Hunter Team Captains Ty & Ryan Bacon and Purple Team Captains Steve & Shelley Elkins attempted to translate Ethan and Derek after they underwent dental work (aka Speak Out)
  • Blue Team Captains Dave & Jessica McGaughey sang “You’re Welcome (MSC Version)” from “Moana”
  • Green Team Captain Corey Willis & Pink Team Captain Todd Walker played guitar and sang “Imagine (MSC Version)”
  • Lip Sync Coordinator Nick Paden lip synced “Grace Kelly” to his new bride and fellow Lip Sync Coordinator, Katie
  • Compadres Aaron Sandy & Ryan Walker competed in a joke tournament attempting to make their opponent laugh first — Aaron caved, crowning Ryan as the victor
  • Compadres “Chewing Gum Under a Bench” skit
  • Compadre Kasha Wilder challenged the Cabin 4 boys to 20 push-ups


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