Storms Rolling through Shakamak Today

The weather does not appear to be cooperative today, but regardless of what obstacle might be thrown our way, MSC stands by the motto:

“No matter what, camp will go on!!!”

We had a really bad storm this morning which sidelined some activities and took out our power for nearly an hour, but please be assured that all campers and staff are safe. When the storm hit and power was knocked out as our morning rotation was just getting underway following breakfast and cabin cleanup, all campers were safely moved indoors to avoid the torrential downpours and high winds. As a result, Disc Golf was forced to be canceled this year, but the extra “indoor” time was not wasted. Gold team captain Eddie Paden and his Compadre Mucho Importante son Nick Paden rotated between the rec hall and mess hall to ensure that all Group 1, 2, and 3 campers were able to attend their regularly scheduled morning Bible class. Groups 1 & 2 also got craft time in, while Group 3 was entertained in the mess hall playing Hot Potato (Alec Brumfield being the winner) and “It’s a Sad, Solemn Occasion.”

The sun has finally returned, albeit possibly for just a short time, but afternoon activities are currently underway, including canoe practice, Human Battleship, team crafts, Ultimate Frisbee, and Lip Synch practice. More severe storms are predicted for the area later in the day, but please take comfort in the fact that our security team is constantly watching the radar to ensure the safety of all our campers.

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