Team Day Activity Stations

Following Bible study this morning, all teams rotated among six activity stations, including:

Through the Hula Hoop — each member of the team stood in a circle with their arms linked and had to pass through a hula hoop without breaking the circle


Through the Hula Hoop


Frisbee Bridge — using half of the volleyball court, each member of  a team had to throw a Frisbee in turn to create a bridge for each team member to step on to cross to the other side of the court


Frisbee Bridge


Trivia — each team must answer 20 trivia questions on various topics.




Tug-a-Truck — this was a timed event where the opposing team climbed in the bed of a pickup truck and the competing team had to pull the truckload of campers with a tug of war rope




Duck Pond Footsie — one-at-a-time each team member stepped into a kiddie pool full of soapy water and had to retrieve marbles from the bottom of the pool with nothing but their feet

IMG_2761 IMG_2848 IMG_2569


Projectile Avoidance — a.k.a. Dodge Ball

IMG_2797 IMG_2746 IMG_2710 IMG_2592

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