The BEST Friday Afternoon!

Friday is a big day for teams!! We started our afternoon with the tradition of GET CRAZY MSC, where campers pump up the energy in the mess hall!

Tug of War was the first event, and the Lime team showed great teamwork to win it all!!

Up next were the surprise events. Teams had to work together to fill up a bucket with water and get ping pong balls to float to the top, complete a scavenger hunt of finding items all around the campground, and find their shoe… while attached to the rest of their teammates! Great sportsmanship was shown all around!

The last and best event of the afternoon was the obstacle course! The top three finishers were Purple, Navy, and Lime! I wonder why campers are so muddy??

We finished the night with the lip sync competition! The theme of our songs this year was “MSC at the movies,” and we saw great performances with songs like “Under the Sea” and “All Star.” The top three finishers were:

  1. Lime- “Just Can’t Wait to be King”
  2. Hunter- “A Million Dreams”
  3. Gold- “The Climb”