Thursday Morning Bible

Todd Walker led each of the 3 age groups this morning in our Thursday Morning Bible Study.

Below is a brief outline of those discussions.

Our Duty to Love one Another:

What does duty look like? Responsibility, Obligation, Something I need to do.

We read together from: John 13: 34-35, Mark 12:28-31, I John 4:11-12, Matt 5:43-48, Col 3:12-14

Can you say the following about yourself?

*I have asked God to help me love my neighbor

*I am willing to serve others without recognition.

*I am praying for others at least as much as I pray for myself

*I am willing to become involved in others lives

Can you answer yes? If not, where are those gaps and are you willing to work on them?

How is love “Perfected” in us? What does that mean?

*To do it ofiten

*To Practice it

*We have trained and have God’s demonstration of Love to Strive after

Luke 10:25-37: A levite and a Priest pass by a victim lying in the road while a Samaritan stops to help

Group Work:

*What are the different ways that the victim was perceived?  (Group 3 responses) Levite and Priest saw him as helpless, beyond help, a waist of time, inferior. The Samaritan saw it as an opportunity to help.  Even though they were different, he was worth helping.  Passed by as far away as they could. Saw him as a burden and if they stopped to help, they might be robbed as well.  The Samaritan knew that if he could help, he should help – Felt a responsibility.

*How do I exhibit love in my daily life? (Group 3 responses) When you see someone in need, making even the smallest of gestures can open the door and build a relationship that can bring them closer to God.

*How do we “Pass by on the other side”?(Group 3 responses) Passing by means means seeing an opportunity to love/help and we don’t do it. Making small talk with people at church who we say we will pray for them and then don’t.  Being selfish with our possessions.  If we see someone falling away from God and say Nothing to them, we pass by.

What does it mean to “go now and do likewise”?  (Group 3 responses)When you love someone you should want o serve them…Treat others as you would like to be treated. Look for opportunities and take advantage of opportunities to serve and demonstrate God’e love.

Our time, Our treasure (Money/resources)  and our talents are requires of us if we plan to love and serve others.

God does NOT tolerate sin – Love the sinner/hate the sin. Don’t mistake Agape love for toleration of Sin.



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