Thursday Theme — “Be Strong: 24/7”

Hunter team captain Craig Howell introduced our daily theme this morning at flagpole:  “Be Strong: 24/7.”


It is easy to BE STRONG at camp, but not always easy when we are back home, out in the world, outside of the “camp bubble.”  We need to rely on camp friends to help us through life as we strive for heaven.

“Friendships started at camp can be separated by miles and months and not lose any of their strength.”

Don’t let camp end when you leave Shakamak on Saturday — take camp with you! There are temptations we’ll all face out in the world, but it is so important to let your camp friends help you through. Camp will give so much back to you, so much more even than you put into camp.

To further drive these points home, campers and staff joined hands and joined together singing “You’re My Brother.”

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