Tuesday “Golden Dust Pan” Winners (and Losers)

To help encourage cleanliness within the cabins, each morning after breakfast, the campers return to their cabins for nearly 30 minutes of cabin cleanup time. Each cabin is inspected for its cleanliness and the cleanest girls cabin and the cleanest boys cabin is awarded the ceremonial “Golden Dust Pan” award allowing the cabin-mates to hang the trophy in their cabin until the next day’s competition.

Today’s winners are:  Cabin 9 girls and Cabin 0 boys

Today’s losers (dirtiest cabins) are:  Cabin 5 girls and Cabin 10 boys

The losers were forced to clean the restrooms in the mess hall following Bible study this evening.  We’ll see if Cabins 5 & 10 clean up their cabins tomorrow!  😉


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