Tuesday Night Bible Study

Jeremy Paschal, Preacher from from the Greenwood Church of Christ taught or Mid-Week Bible Study. Jeremy continued to build on our ” Living the Salt Life” theme for the week from Matthew 5:13. Below is a quick outline of that discussion along with some photos of your campers before and during Bible Study.

Live the Salt Life by Removing Impurities
I. Introduction —
A. Popcorn and “salt”
B. Mt 5.13; Mk 9.50; Lk 14.34-35 — “become tasteless/unsalty”

  1. lit. “if the salt is proven foolish.”
  2. How? When mixed with, degraded by other substances.
  3. Result? Worthlessness.
    C. Salt is valuable, but only when it’s pure…
  4. Holy, sanctified, set-apart. (Rom 12.1-2; James 1.27; 4.4; 1Pet 1.14-16; 1Jn 2.15-17)
  5. How? (Col 3.1-4)
    II. Impurities:
    A. Col 3.5-6 — “Hard sins” — immorality, alcohol, drugs, behavior with other men/women,
    pornography, immodesty, activities, covetousness
    B. Col 3.8-10 — “Soft sins” — foul language, gossip, dishonesty, meanness, unkindness (Col 4.5-6)
    III. Influences (1Cor 15.33):
    A. Friends
    B. Media (tv, movies, music, internet)
    C. Social media (Instagram, Snapchat, Tictoc)
    D. Events (parties, school functions, dances, prom)
    IV. Outcome:

A. Hypocrisy. (Gal 2.11-13)

  1. You can’t lead where you aren’t willing to go; you can’t teach what you’re not willing to live;
    you can’t season with tainted salt.
    B. Evil influence. (Mt 18.7)
    V. “Perfecting holiness” (2Cor 7.1)
    A. God’s word. (Acts 20.32)
    B. God’s people. (Pr 27.17)
    C. Self-discipline. (1Cor 9.24-27)