Twas the night before Senior Camp

MSC Senior camp 2019 is only a few hours away!!  Much of the staff and camp brats (Staff kids) are here already and enjoyed an evening worship service of songs led by Corey Willis and Message delivered by Nick Paden.  The excitement is building and we are absolutely geared up for a fun and uplifting week!
Registration for Senior camp runs from 8:45 – 11 tomorrow morning.  Check in will be in the Mess Hall – Be prepared to say goodbye to your cell phone for the week…You won’t even miss it when you see how much fun we’re going to have!
Our theme for the week is “Born for This”.
There are a couple of changes to the schedule this year that we wanted to make you aware of.  Your camper will spend their days in Bible Study, Team Crafts, Lip Synch rehearsal & multiple sports.
The evening entertainment schedule is what might look a little different than what you have seen in the past.

Monday night: MSC Talentless Night

Tuesday night: Midweek Bible Study with Shannon Shaffer delivering the message
Wednesday night: Game Night
Thursday night: Talent Show (9:15 PM)
Friday: Lip Sync Battle (9:15 PM)
The Awards and Closing Ceremony will commence at Noon on Saturday, July 6th.
Todd & Susan Hall are your director’s for the week and work tirelessly throughout the year to ensure your campers have the best possible experience at MSC!
Team Captains for the week are: (Red) David & Katie Mathis, (Orange) Brad & Rhonda Hawk, (Lime) Nick & Laura Hall, (Green) Craig & Ronna Howell, (Hunter) Ethan & Jessica Wildman, (Blue) Corey & Meagan Willis, (Pink) Todd & Tammy Walker, (Purple) Steve & Shelly Elkins, (Gold) David & Jessica McGaughey, (Silver) Ty & Ryan Bacon.

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