Wednesday Morning Bible Study

Jerry & Vinny Price, beloved former MSC staff joined your campers this morning & Jerry led all 3 groups in our morning Bible study.
Wed Morning Bible Study
Born to Glorify:
We were not born to receive glory – We are born to Glorify something or someone else.
Who created all that we hear, feel & touch? God did. We believe in the one True God who created all the universe. Was this plan random or intentional?  Was the creation of man Random or intentional? Man is going to rein over this earth.
Gen 1:26
Did God have a plan for mankind – Adam and Eve? They were to be caretakers. God gave them a job…to be fruitful and multiply, to have dominion over all the animals and care for His creation.  By accomplishing these goals, they were bringing glory to God.  There’s a lot of purpose in God’s plan…We were not placed here randomly or without a purpose.
Glory is used approximately 149 times in the bible – It’s something that is found throughout the Bible.
We tend to glorify many things that simply aren’t worth our time and make no real difference. We love to be glorified. That’s self, not selfless.  Who should we truly Glorify?  God!  God sent his Son to die for us – to take away our sins.  We should Praise and Glorify Jesus because he left Heaven to come and fulfill his Father’s will and to seek & save the lost.  We should Praise and Glorify the Holy Spirit because it has given us the word of God.
We can mess up glorification if not careful – I’m the best song leader, I’m the best Bible class teacher, I contribute the most at my congregation. We brag on ourselves thinking we are glorifying God, but really, we are stealing the Glory He is so richly deserving of.
Numbers 28 – Example of Moses striking the rock. Moses didn’t get to go the promised land, but he was there at the Transfiguration of Jesus – Moses recovered even though he failed to Glorify God and so can you.
Rom 1:21 In our lives we can either move towards the light – Towards God, or we can move away from Him – The choice is ours.
I Pet 1:13-15 teaches much about how we are live before our God & Father.
We can accomplish much on this earth, but it’s all for nothing if we don’t submit to God and give me all Glory.
I John 2:29 teaches that We were born of God for a purpose!
I John 4:7 teaches if we are gravitating towards God, we will demonstrate our Love towards Him.
Gal 5:19-23 If we are going to glorify God we should be gravitating towards vs 22-23.
How can YOU Glorify God? Living a good example, watching our Language, talking to others about Christ, honoring our Parents, being cooperative and helpful on the Job, participate at Church Service, treating others with Kindness, show respect, mindful of how we dress, demonstrate patience.
I Cor 6:20 We should Glorify God because we were bought at a price -The ultimate sacrifice.

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