MSC 2022 Junior Week

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July 10 – July 14, 2022

Camp Directors:

Kevin & Sara Rhoton

Team Standings:

(with Team Captains)

1. Green (Stephen Harris & Olivia Stout) 6. Orange (Matt & Salina Wallace)
2. Gold (Ryan & Lydia Walker) 7. Hot Pink (Rex & Sarah Guyer)
3. Light Blue (Meagan Willis & Melissa Hosfield) 8. Blue (Vinny Petre & Jamie Lautenschlager)
4. Navy (Kyle & Myah Sanders) 9. Red (Mark & Sarah Bemis)
5. Hunter (Calvin & Carissa Young) 10. Purple (Dylan & Emily Culver)

Special Awards:

Male Camper of The Year: Logan Awwad, Team Green
Female Camper of The Year: Paislee Thomas, Team Green
Male Pillow Fight Champion: Logan Yates, Team Hunter
Female Pillow Fight Champion: Kya Bryan,
Belching Contest Champion: Cade Carlson, Team Orange

Staff Groups:

Directors In-Training:
Ben DispennettKaletra Dispennett
Kitchen Staff:
Rolanda Boggs (director)Dana ShafferGretchen Carlson
Vinny PriceBeverly Watson Amber Jimerson
JC EdwardsEric WatsonMatt Judy
Dawn Bewley
Medical Staff:
Sarah PlummerKylee Ravelette
Media Staff:
Caroline Wilson (photography)Allison Russell (videography)
Sports Staff:
Drew Maudlin (manager)Jenna MaudlinSarah Shaffer
Jon DispennettKatie HunterAmanda McGaughey
Kassidi RiosCara MungerAndrea Shaffner
Katie Awwad (manager)Alana DickeyMiranda Bleicher
Heather TremblettAshley Judy
Cabin Management:
Jessica McGaugheyRylee Riddle
Adam Clark (manager)Amanda ClarkNeil Tremblett
Emily SorrellsNathan AwwadBrittany Adams
Ethan Rhoton (leader)Raven WillisWyatt Dickey
Ella EdwardsSammy DukesKate McCauley
Jackson RhotonEvelyn LoughmillerLuke Petre
Savannah McCauley
Tyson RhotonSeth McCauley
Jason Dorn (carnival)Sammie Dorn
Richard ThomasBrooke Thomas

Interesting Facts:

  • This was Kevin & Sara Rhoton’s last year to be directors of Junior Week.
  • Kevin & Sara were shadowed this year by Ben & Kaletra Dispennett who will take over as Junior Week Directors in 2023.
  • Kevin Rhoton delivers his last (and craziest) presentation of “Little Red Wagon”.


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