2015 MSC Jr. Camp – Final Team Standings

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 8.05.37 AM1st Place – Hot Pink
Won addition group 1, subtraction group 2, basketball, kickball, volleyball, the sponge relay, had 1 craft winner and came in 2nd in the obstacle course.

2nd Place – Orange
Won the through the legs shuffle, spelling group 1&2, addition group 2, division group 1&2, bible trivia group 1&2, the team broad jump, bombs away, silence of the scriptures, and the boys pillow fight champion

3rd Place – Hunter
Won the sack race, the 3-legged race, multiplication group 2, the boys 50-yard dash, the boys 80-yard dash, and the girls pillow fight runner up.

4th Place – Light Blue
Won addition group 2, subtraction group 1, came in 2nd in soccer, had the boys pillow fight runner up, and the girls pillow fight champion.

5th Place – Lime
Won the obstacle course and 3 craft awards

6th Place – Green
Won the hula hoop relay, soccer, the girls 50-yard dash, the girls 80-yard dash and 2 craft awards

7th Place – Purple
Won the mile relay and 1 craft award

8th Place – Royal Blue
Came in 2nd in Bible trivia

9th Place – Red
Won multiplication group 1 and 4 craft awards

10th Place – Navy
Won 5 craft awards and came in 3rd in the obstacle course

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