And the Winners Are…

Another FANTASTIC MSC Jr. Week camp has now drawn to a close. Our thanks to Tyson & Ryan Bacon, all the staff, and most importantly each and every camper for making this a record-breaking, incredible week!!!!!!  We pray that everyone benefitted greatly from being here this week.

And now, to the winners.  DRUM ROLL PLEASE…

10thLight Blue, winning Group 1 Bible Trivia, Girls’ 50 Yard Dash, Group 1 Craft 2nd place, Group 2 Craft 2nd place

9thGold, winners of Find Your Shoe Relay, Up and Over, Group 1 Craft 1st place, Group 2 Craft 1st place, Burping Champion

8thRed, winning Team Captain Contest 2nd place

7thRoyal Blue, winners of Group 1 Addition, Group 2 Bible Trivia, Silence of the Scriptures

6thGreen, winners of Scavenger Hunt

5thLime, winners of Up and Over, Group 2 Crafts 3rd place, Girls’ Pillow Fight Champion (missed 4th place by 5 points, or 1 missing button during button check!)

4thPurple, winning Group 1 Subtraction, Group 1 Division, Sportsmanship, Frisbee Throw, 2nd in the Obstacle Course

3rdSilver, winners of Hula Hoop Relay, Through the Leg Shuffle, Barnyard Relay, Multiplication Group 1, Kickball, Broad Jump, 3rd in the Obstacle Course

2ndNavy, winners of Spelling Group 2, Soccer, Volleyball, Boys’ 50 Yard Dash, Mile Relay, 1st in the Obstacle Course

1stOrange, winners of Group 2 Addition, Group 2 Subtraction, Group 2 Multiplication, Group 2 Division, Group 1 Spelling, Team Captain Contest 1st place, Basketball, Girls’ 80 Yard Dash, Boys’ 80 Yard Dash, Boys’ Pillow Fight Champion

Male Camper of the Year: Ethan Maudlin (winner of trophy and ticket to Kings Island)

Female Camper of the Year: Mikayla Elkins (winner of trophy and ticket to Kings Island)

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