Annual Pillow Fight Championship

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 7.22.15 AMThe last event of Wednesday night was our annual Pillow Fight Championship. If you have not seen this at MSC Junior Camp, you are surely missing something special. It has grown over the years from moving around some bunks in a cabin to a full-blown ring with announcers, judges, a bell ringer, microphones lowering from the ceiling and a referee.

Hunter Team’s Damion, I’m gonna win the crown, Brown was this year’s winner. He took home the well-respected MSC Junior Camp Pillow Fight Belt.

In addition, the evening also includes various exhibition bouts between the girls, including some of our very own staff members, as well as another annual intermission event – the belching contest. This year, last year camper Adin Rademacher took home the victory with the best belch. We know how proud his parents must be.

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