Beginning of day 3

After everyone got out of bed and had a chance to wake up, we started our morning with our daily flagpole devotional. This morning, Danny Elkins led us in a study of our daily theme, developing good habits. He talked about three different places in which we need to develop good habits: in the worship service, at home, and when around friends.

Danny started out talking about how important it is that we develop good habits like paying attention during sermons, and always preparing our Bible class material. Then he talked for a few moments on our habits at home. With all of our campers being young, we stressed the importance of developing these good habits at home, like respecting authority, so that it will be second nature later in life. Then Danny closed with talking about developing good habits around friends so that we always do what’s right.

After we finished with the Pledge, we all lined up and sang hymns like “Father Abraham,” “I’m Wrapped Up,” and “This Little Light of Mine” as we walked into breakfast. Today the cooks made us a delicious meal of hashbrowns, biscuits, and fruit. Now as everyone is finishing up eating, you can look around and see the excitement that the campers have for what’s to come later today.

Here’s a picture of our morning devotional, and another picture of Avery McPherson and Sarah Gentry “chowing down” on breakfast.



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