Closing ceremonies

I apologize for such a short post earlier, my time and internet service was limited and so was my blogging ability. The closing ceremony deserves so much more than what I mentioned in that short post earlier in the day, hence I would like to devote more time to this post so that I can include all of the ranks and awards given throughout the entirety of the ceremony. As far as team standings go we had them in this order:

10th – Team Navy

9th – Team Lime

8th – Team Red

7th – Team Orange

6th – Team Silver

5th – Ice Blue Team

4th – Team Yellow

Drum roll please…..

3rd – Team Green

Now I’d like to take a moment to explain further the situation of the tie between team Purple and team Royal Blue. These teams were in a dead tie after all of the sporting events were finished, but our sports directors had a plan to solve this. After dinner last night, all of our campers participated in a scavenger hunt (which they didn’t realize counted for points) to determine the first and second place winners. In this scavenger hunt, the campers were finding yellow discs/cups in the sports field to try to find the most and win. Out of hundreds of these yellow discs, team Royal Blue had ONLY FOUR more than Purple did, thus finalizing the rankings:

2nd – Team Purple

1st – Royal Blue Team

After a great year, we had the pleasure of seeing David and Sonja McPherson lead their team to victory in the 2012 week of MSC Jr. Camp, and we congratulate them on that!

Aside from team standings, we had a few other awards that were given out during closing ceremonies. We had a male and female winner for best attitude of all camper this year. The male winner in this category was Jacob Lanius. Everytime you saw Jacob walking around, he would have a smile on his face. I honestly cannot recall one time that I walked past him and he didn’t greet me. The winner in the female category was Ellie Walker. Ellie was always walking around cheerfully talking to people and doing anything she could to help. Both of these winners were well deserved.

We would like to thank everyone that was involved in MSC Jr. Week 2012–without you, the camp could not have been the success that it was.  A special thanks to all of our staff, and especially Ty and Ryan Bacon for all the hard work they put in for Jr. Week. Campers are already counting down the days until next year. Thank you everyone!

P.S. I’ll be posting pictures of all the teams and award winners later.

-Jacob Stout, MSC Jr. Week blogger

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