Day 2 Morning

Here at MSC Jr. Week, the campers wake up bright and early and the activities start soon after. We start out our mornings by gathering around the flagpole for a daily devotional.
With our weekly theme being “Life Under The Sun,” we as staff really strive to emphasize this throughout each day. During our morning devotional, one of our compadres, Stephen Harris, talked for a few minutes about choosing friends wisely during our walk of “life under the sun.”  After this, we all recited the Pledge of Allegiance before departing from the flagpole.
All of our campers then proceeded to line up in front of the mess hall and sing a few hymns. Then we went and ate breakfast. After breakfast, the sporting activities for the day began. These sports included basketball, kickball, soccer, volleyball, and one team taking a break to eat concessions. You can see all of the team captains and these young campers pouring out team spirit in these various events.

Here are a few pictures of the events the campers are participating in:







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