End of day 1 MSC Junior Week

Not only did Silver win the Hula Hoop and Find-the-Shoes relays, they carried this winning streak with them into other games as well. Silver also won the Through-the-Leg Shuffle, but this victory was short-lived.  Silver’s winning streak was brought to an end as team Yellow won the Barnyard Game. In this game, all the team members mixed themselves among each other and had to listen to and find their team captains which were making an animal sound. This created a lot of confusion, along with quite a few laughs.

After our first night of sports, we have a few team standings. Because of their winning streak, it comes as no surprise that the Silver team, led by Danny and Carrie Elkins, came out in the lead. There was a tie for second place between team Purple, led by Todd and Tammy Walker, and team Green, led by Kevin and Sara Rhoton (a little sibling rivalry among team captains as Tammy and Kevin are brother and sister).

After the evening of sports was over, all the campers retired to the cabins to review the camp rules for the week, do devotionals, and get some much needed rest for the exciting week ahead.

While lying under the stars I can think back upon all the memories made in past years of camp, and all the wonderful memories these campers are going to make in this week ahead of them.


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