Good Morning from Shakamak – Flag Pole Devotion

Compadre, Zach McCauley, led the campers in their first flagpole devotion this morning and pledge of allegiance to the flag.

Zach read Romans 8:35-37; which is the verse our theme is based upon this week.  Zach told the campers that being a “conqueror” means able to overcome something.  These verses tell us there will be trials, tribulation, stress, persecution and even death but we can overcome those things only through God because He loved us and made us conquerors.  Zach challenged the kids and said to take special notice though……it says we are “MORE THAN” CONQUERORS.  So God has made us more than we could ever imagine.  He has blessed us with so many things included this camp and the ability to make friendships that will last a lifetime.  These friendships are important because these are the friendships that will always be there for you……to lift you up as you go through life.  Zach read Ecclesiastes 4:9-12, which tells us that “two are better than one.”

Zach challenged the campers to make new friends as they go throughout the day.  Make friends here at this camp because these will be the friendships that will last a lifetime and build you up.

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