Lunchtime Awards

The “Golden Dust Pan Awards” honoring the cleanest boy cabin and the cleanest girl cabin were announced at lunch. Cabin 4 girls and Cabin 8 boys won the awards and will each have the honor of displaying their golden dust pan trophy in their cabin for the next 24 hours until the next judging round.

The compadres awarded the following “Paper Plate Awards” during lunch:

“Super Hooper” award for Tiara Collier for her ability to hula hoop 10 hula hoops during concesssions/games

“Slam Dunk Punk” award for Luke Snyder for being the only camper to slam dunk during basketball

“Little Giant” award for Raven Willis who made a triple-play during kickball

“Big John” award for Evan Mitchell who volunteered to clean the toilets in his cabin during cabin cleanup

“Sports Announcer” award for Nick Johnson who commentated basketball with a megaphone

Congratulations to all!!!!!  Keep up the good work.


Cabin 4 “Golden Dust Pan Award”


Cabin 8 “Golden Dust Pan Award”


Tiara Collier “Super Hooper” award


Luke Snyder “Slam Dunk Punk” award


Raven Willis “Little Giant” award


Evan Mitchell “Big John” award


Nick Johnson “Sports Announcer” award


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