Monday Afternoon Bible Lesson by John and Dayna

John McCauley led the young men’s lesson this afternoon while Dayna Cade led the young ladies study.  Going along with our camp theme – More than Conquerors (Romans 8:36-37) – the focus of today’s Bible study time was “More Honorable than Captain America.”

Both teachers asked “What is honorable?”  The campers had some great answers…..someone that is honest, fair, brave, worthy of respect, putting others before themselves.

Do you think Captain America exhibits these things?  I mean what is so special about Captain America anyway?  Again, the kids had some great answers……he has a shield, he saves lives, he is strong, he is brave……Did you know we can be those things too?

John focused on Romans 8:26-39 to help the campers understand that we have to be honorable to be pleasing to God and that we must have integrity, that we have to be humble and have a good reputation, that we have to have the right attitude, and that we must be brave!  These are all part of being honorable!

Dayna focused on what makes a person honorable but exploring verses in Philippians.  In order to be honorable you have to honest, fair, respected by others and not selfish (Philippians 4:8-9; Philippians 2:3-5, 1 Timothy 4:12).


  • Have integrity like Captain America!
  • Be humble like Captain America!
  • Keep a good reputation like Captain America!
  • Have the right attitude like Captain America!
  • Be brave like Captain America!
  • But always be more honorable than Captain America because…..WE ARE MORE THAN CONQUERORS.


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