MSC Jr. Week Pillow Fight Championship

The long-standing tradition of the Jr. Week Pillow Fight Championship took place in the mess hall this evening to thunderous applause. There was a championship bracket for both the 10 & 11-year-old girls and the 10 and 11-year-old boys. The first-ever female Pillow Fight Champion is Emily “The Russian” Rowlett, beating out Melia “You’re a Goner” Donner in two rounds. Reece “I Don’t Come in Peace” Novak took down Isaiah “I Ain’t No Minor Prophet” Evans after three rounds to claim the male Pillow Fight Champion title. During intermission, a belching contest was held and the winner was Adin Rademacher.


The empty bracket prior to the Pillow Fight Championship


Emily Rowlett and Melia Donner fight for the female championship


Reece Novak and Isaiah Evans fight for the male championship


Reece Novak wins the Pillow Fight Championship belt


The final bracket


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