Pillow fight championship of the world!

Tonight has been, by far, the most exciting night of camp, the night of the pillow fight championship of the world. We had 36 rounds of pure adrenaline leading up the to final match between Cooper Barr and Caleb Cirksena. But before we discuss the final match we must talk about the belching contest. On stage we had a belching contest, in between pillow fighting rounds. The final two contestants were Cooper Barr and Faith Harris. Faith released a deep guttural belch, but in the end it couldn’t compete with the length of the one that Cooper let loose. So Cooper was the champion of the belching contest. Although when they had an exhibition match between compadres Simon David Harris, Faith’s older brother, gave the other guys a run for their money.
Now what you’ve really been waiting for, the final match in the pillow fight championship of the world. The boys went at it with all that they had in round two, but no one fell to the mat. Which made Cooper win that round based off of number of hits and damage done. Then in the second round Caleb laid Cooper down and came out on top. Finally in the final round they gave their last burst of energy and by decision of the judges, Caleb Cirksena came out on top making him the reigning champion. Here’s a few picture of Caleb after he won.



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