Staff Skit Night leaving the camp laughing!

Thanks to the coordination efforts of Royal Blue Team Captains, Jay and Julie Buck, the campers were thoroughly entertained by the Staff Skit Night.  Here is a Recap of skits and photos.

  1. The traditional and ever-so-popular “If I weren’t a Compadre” song was performed by our compadre staff.
  2. The “Hairy Hamburger” Skit
    Scene: Restaurant, 2 Customers at the counter
    Actors: Waitress – Carrie Ayres, Customers – Brian Ayres, Aric Russell, Cook – Tim Curry
    The first customer (Aric Russell) comes walking into the restaurant and orders a hamburger….only to find a hair in it!  Here comes another customer (Brian Ayres) to the counter.  He orders a hamburger as well because he has heard they are the best in town………guess what?……..he finds a hair in it!  Both customers are irritated and demand to speak to the cook.  The waitress (Carrie) goes to fetch the cook…out pops the cook (Tim Curry) from the kitchen and asks what the problem is.  The customers explain that they are disgusted by finding hair in their food and they demand to know what’s in these burgers.  Tim Curry proceeds to take the meat patty he is making in his hand and rub it directly under his arm pits and say, “It’s an old family recipe!”
  3. “Attention, Attention” Skit – All of a sudden the crowd hears “Attention, Attention” continuously coming from the back of the Rec Hall – out emerges Dayna Cade from the crowd……she keeps saying “Attention, Attention”……..the kids are all looking at her now thinking what is she doing?………….Once she has everyone’s attention, she says, “OK, thank you, I just wanted attention.”
  4. Doctors Office Skit – A strange thing happens when you sit in the waiting room at the Shakamak Medical Care Clinic…..all your medical problems are cured before you even get to see the doctor!
    Scene:  Medical Clinic Waiting Room
    Actors:  All Compadres
    Into the waiting room comes, Jenna Walker, who is greeted by an impatient, uninterested receptionist, Alana Dickey, who tells Jenna to sit down and wait in the waiting room to see the doctor.  At this time, she appears to not have any ailments at all…..until we see Jared Boone coming into the waiting room scene.  Jared has been struck with a mean case of Hiccups.  He sits down next to Jenna and transfers the hiccups to her!  Realizing he is cured, he leaves the waiting room.  Next comes Emma Maudlin with a violent case of sneezing!  She is told to sit down and wait after sneezing on the receptionist.  She sits next to Jenna and transfers her sneezes to Jenna!  Realizing she is cured, she leaves the scene.  Now enters Zach McCauley who has a terrible hacking cough.  He sits down by Jenna and yes….you guessed it….he transferred his cough to her.  Realizing he is cured, he leaves the scene…….in comes Vincent Landfair.  Poor Vincent is itching everywhere!  He sits down next to Jenna…..poor Jenna….she has hiccups, sneezing, coughing and now itching all going on at once!  Vincent leaves the scene after being “cured” and in comes Anna Boone.  Ms. Anna has a problem with sleeping….she can’t stay awake….she will be talking one minute and snoring the next!  She sits down next to Jenna and, well, transfers her sleeping problem to Jenna.   Anna realizes she has been cured and leaves the scene.  Next we see Caleb Hopper come into the waiting room.  Caleb has a twitching problem and cannot control his movements.  He sits down next to Jenna only to find he is cured!   And finally, we have Jesse Martin enter the waiting room.  He has a strange problem he doesn’t understand……he cant stop hitting himself.  So as you may have guessed, he sits down next to Jenna and transfers this problem to her.  So we have Jenna left sitting on the bench by herself where she has the hiccups, is sneezing, coughing, falling asleep periodically, twitching, itching and now she can’t stop hitting herself.  She is a mess!!  But wait, what’s this……in comes Mikayla Cleary in a panic and says, “OK, I got diarrhea coming out this end, throw up coming out of this end,  a rash here”……she proceeded down a list of ailments and poor Jenna Walker runs out of the room!!!
  5. Banana Legs Skit –
    Scene:  The men are sitting on a bench and are asked to put panty hose on their heads.  They then have to eat a banana through the panty hose.  First one to complete the task wins.
    Actors:  Calvin Young, Jesse Martin, Mark Bemis, Fried Radamacher, Danny Elkins, Tim Kilgo
    After several different methods were tried by these gentlemen to smash up the banana so they could eat it through the panty hose, Calvin Young emerges as the winner!
  6. Bubble Gum Bench –
    Scene:   A chair on the stage
    Actors:  All the female team captains
    Jill Martin begins the skit with walking up and chewing a piece of gum.  She sticks the gum to the back of the chair and walks away.  Each team captain comes out and “discovers” the gum by accident.  That poor gum ends up on hands, on a shoe, on the ground but thanks to Amy Dukes, it makes its way back to the back of the chair.  Jill Martin returns to the chair and looks for her gum.  Thankfully, the gum is still there so she proceeds to put that gum back in her mouth and resume chewing it!
  7. Balloon Shaving Skit – How do you shave a balloon?  Very carefully!  The contestants proceeded to each try to shave a balloon without popping it and floater, Brooklyn Cline was able to emerge as the last person standing.  Not a one of them wasn’t covered in shaving cream!
  8. Pie Eating Contest –
    Scene:  Men at the table, hands tied behind their back with pies in front of their face.
    Actors:  Steve Elkins, Kevin Rhoton, Brian Ayres, Aric Russell
    A funny thing happens when you enter a pie eating contest with Steve Elkins…….you end up wearing your pie!  After Jay Buck told the contestants to go, Steve Elkins hops up from the table, takes his pie, dips his hand in and smears it all over the face of each contestant!  Then he puts his pie on top of Kevin’s head, then Aric puts his on top of Kevin’s head, then Brian……..poor Kevin….he wore all four pies by the time the skit was over.
  9. Alka Seltzer War Skit –
    Scene:  2 Contestants with one tablet of alka seltzer strapped to their forehead, 2 buckets of water, 2 squirt guns each.
    Actors:  Four sets of contestants – Mark and Sarah Bemis, John and Sonya McCauley, Jason Dukes and Phil Martin
    The contestants square off against each other to squirt water directly at the alka seltzer tablet on their forehead to try to make it melt before the other one.  Sarah won the first round only because Mark was disqualified after dumping the bucket of water on Sarah.  We think John won the second round but aren’t sure because they were having too much fun squirting each other.  Then we have Phil and Jason squaring off!  Now we aren’t sure who won the last round because Jason and Phil were having too much fun looking like boxers trying to bob and weave to avoid the squirt gun!   And finally, we have Kevin and Sara Rhoton going up against each other.  A few seconds into their dual, Sara pulls out a can of shaving cream and proceeds to cover Kevin head to toe with shaving cream as the music plays “Do you want to build a snowman?”  Poor Kevin…..pies in the face and shaving creamed by his wife!

It was a really fun…..and funny……oh, and messy night!  Thanks Jay and Julie for coordinating all the skits!

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