Sunday Night Activities

Immediately following dinner, all 10 teams and all 149 campers hit the lower sports field for an exciting evening of hilarity. All of these events were timed events.

 The first event was “Find Your Shoe Relay.” With 149 pairs of shoes piled into a 5′ diameter circle, it was estimated that this mound of shoes cost approximately $3,000.  That’ s a whole lotta shoes! Once the whistle blew, the first camper of each team rushed to the center and had to find his/her shoes, put them on, and tie them, then race back for the next teammate. And the top rankings are: 1. Gold, 2. Silver, 3. Navy

IMG_1523 IMG_1595

The next event was the “Through the Legs Shuffle” where each team lined up in a straight line, spread their legs, and the camper at the back of the line crawled through the tunnel of legs. Once that camper reached the end of the tunnel, he/she stood up, then the person in the back of the line dropped and crawled through the tunnel. This repeated until the entire team had shuffled through the legs tunnel. And the top rankings are: 1. Silver, 2. Orange, 3. Navy

IMG_1619 IMG_1622 IMG_1632

The “Hula Hoop Relay” was next. Each team had to get in a circle, hold hands, and a hula hoop was placed between two campers. Once the whistle was blown, one of the campers with the hula hoop had to lift the hula hoop up and over the next camper’s head, then that camper had to get his/her entire body through the hula hoop, then lift the hula hoop over the head of the next camper. The game was over when the hula hoop had made it all the way around the circle and over every camper’s head. And the top rankings are: 1. Silver, 2. Orange, 3. Green

IMG_1665 IMG_1648

And the final event of the night was the “Barnyard Relay.” Each team was given an animal, the campers were all blindfolded and put in the center of the kickball field and the team captains were placed outside the base lines. Once the whistle was blown, the team captains had to make the sound of their team’s animal to get the campers to come to them–once the entire team had found its captain, the task was complete.  The team animals were: Light Blue – duck, Red – dog, Orange – pig, Navy – donkey, Blue – goat, Green – goose, Purple – cow, Silver – chicken, Lime – cat, Yellow – horse. Once the event was over, for fun, the roles were reversed and the team captains were blindfolded and put in the center of the field and the teams had to call their captains to them. And the top rankings are: 1. Silver, 2. Red, 3. Orange

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