Team Day

team-dayAt MSC Junior camp, we always look forward to team day. That’s the day when we all get our MSC camp shirts for the week, get in our “war paint” and compete for big prizes. (OK, maybe just bragging rights.) Over 8,500 points are available on team day so the competition is really up for anyone to take home.

Team captains strategically select which team members will compete in each event. The events are 50 yd dash for 8-9 year olds, 80yd dash for 10-11 year olds and the 1 mile relay race for 4 kids from each team. In addition, each team competes in our famous obstacle course which this year included 8 different events. Teams are timed in each event and the lowest time gets the most points.

We have SO MANY pictures from today, but with internet access acting up again, it is difficult to post them. Stay tuned for more pictures coming soon.

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