Tuesday girls study and Tuesday night worship

Sorry, but I realize that I’m a day late in posting this blog. For clarification before I begin, I just want to point out that I was not in the girls’ study yesterday–all my information comes from notes.

Yesterday afternoon our female campers were led in a Bible study by Silver team captain Carrie Elkins. The study continued to develop thoughts on the subject of developing good habits. Carrie stressed how important it is that we develop good habits at a young age while it’s easiest. Throughout the study, she focused on various good habits to develop, to help make our service to God better. But there was one point that was truly excellent, she talked about how much easier it is to develop a good habit instead of trying to stop a bad one. This is something that even adults struggle with. Then she proceeded to point out that even if we do have bad habits, we can overcome them with God’s help – Phillipians 4:13.

It’s such a blessing to have such wonderful counselors here that are willing and able to teach these Bible classes.

After all of yesterday’s activities were done, we all met back in the mess hall for mid-week worship, during which I had the privilege to teach. We continued to talk about the theme of developing good habits. In that, we talked about the need to put off the bad habit of self-reliance and develop the good habit of relying on God.

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