Tuesday’s Bible Studies: Be Strong – Be a Strong Leader

aricTuesday our theme was to be a strong leader.  Our boys class in the morning was led by Aric Russell who related being a leader to the song, “Oh Be Careful”.  He used each of the verses to make his point.

  • Be Careful Little Eyes – watch what you look at as Christians
  • Be Careful Little Ears – our music / other’s language can
    be bad
  • Be Careful Little Mouths – good leaders watch what they say
  • Be Careful Little Hands – watch what you do with your time
  • Be Careful Little Feet – know where to go / not go as Christians


DSC_0003The girl’s Bible Class was taught by one of our kitchen staff, Shawna Evans.

She discussed being a strong leader for Christ. Being a strong leader we must understand we lead everyone around us. Being a leader is someone that guides and influences someone. God has a plan for how women are to lead.

Secrets to being a good leader

  1. Obedience
  2. Good Attitude – Phil 4:6
  3. Watch our words – Prov. 11:13; Prov. 12:22
  4. Service – John 13:1-17; Example of Abigail; Example of Ruth
  5. Love – I Cor. 13:13
  6. Action


And Tuesday evening at our Tuesday night Bible study, David McPherson brought us thoughts on three times to focus on being a good leader

  1. In Temptation – Like Joseph (Gen 39)
  2. In Declaration – Like the blind man (Jn. 9:17)
  3. In Persecution – Like Paul (Acts 21:10-13)

What a great day we had and so much for us to take away to help us become better Christians.

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